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Currently working in the world about 1500 a factory for producing sugar from sugar cane produces annually about 60 million tons of white sugar and about 1000 a factory for producing sugar from sugar beet produces about 40 million tons 

- As a major sugar food items and essential to human life and are limited to certain social classes but not others, therefore, the sugar industry is one of the strategic industries in the world that one of the fundamental pillars of food security 

Phones / Addresses

Head office

Adress: 20 salem salem st.-Agouza-Giza

phone : +20237625803 - +20237625804

fax : +20237625805

Email: chairman@nobariasugar.com


Address:  kilometer 92 egypt alexandria desert road - wadi el natroun - beheria governorate

phone : 01275229099



Nobaria Sugar & Refining Company

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